Pictures 2009

Miscellaneous Pictures from 2009
* Business Trips to LA

Please click on pictures to enlarge.

Jodie the ZombieDanielle, Timothy Halloween 2009

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Halloween 2009 with my wife Jodie, the Zombie (2)Timothy and Danielle ready for Middle School; Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009Olmstead Point Yosemite

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Michelle, Danielle, Timothy and friend (Amanda) ready for Halloween 2009 (2)Michelle, Danielle, & friend Mary at Olmstead Point in Yosemite National Park

Olmstead Point Yosemite ParkCampsite Tuolumne Meadows Campground

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Jodie & Timothy at Olmstead Point in Yosemite National Park (2) Campsite at Tuolumne Meadows Campground in Yosemite

Family at Tenaya Lake Tuolumne River>

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Family at Tenaya Lake, Yosemite (2)Kids at the Tuolumne River

Family at Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty CastleFamily with Mickey Mouse

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Family plus my sister Donna Strohmeyer-Brothers and nephew Zack along with family friend Mary at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland (2) Family with Mickey Mouse; Jodie, Danielle, Timothy, Mary (friend), Michelle

Teacups at DisneylandToon Town Disneyland

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Teacups at Disneyland (2)Family at Toontown, Disneyland

Lions at San Diego ZooPolar Bear San Diego Zoo

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Danielle next to her favorite animal; Lions at San Diego Zoo (she loved Aslan in Narnia) (2) Polar Bear in really cool enclosure at the San Diego Zoo

Sulfur Works, Lassen Volcanic National ParkLassen Volcanic National Park, mud pots

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Sulfur Works at Lassen Volcanic National Park (2)Mud Pots & other thermal features in Lassen Volcanic National Park; Bumpess Hell trail

Komodo Dragon San Diego ZooLake Helen Glacial Lake

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Komodo Dragon at the San Diego Zoo (2)Lake Helen Glacial Lake at Lassen National Park

California AdventuresElectric Parade

Pictures (from left to right): (1)In front of the entrance to California Adventures (2) Electrical Parade in California Adventures

CarsTimothy Strohmeyer 2009 11th Birthday

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Danielle & Timothy in front of the “Cars” (from the movie) at California Adventures (2)Timothy’s 11th Birthday at Aunt Jan & Uncle Cary’s home, May 12 2009

Timothy, Parkside Class 2009Timothy Surf board, Ocean World

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Timothy and his 5th grade graduation class field trip to Crescent City, California (2) Timothy on Surf Board outside Ocean World

Timothy Crescent City tide poolsTimothy, Parkside Wienie Roast

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Timothy at the tide pools, Crescent City (2) Timothy at the Redwoods, Jedediah Smith State, National Park

Timothy, RedwoodsMt Shasta April 2009 morning

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Timothy at the Parkside Elementary Wienie Roast (2)Mount Shasta on the southbound trip to business trip LA, April 16, 2009

Mount Shasta April 2009 eveningMichelle 16 Birthday, Wild Rivers Brewery

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Mt. Shasta on the northbound trip back home from a business trip to LA, April 18 2009 (2) Michelle’s 16th Birthday Party at Wild Rivers in Grants Pass

1996 T-1002009 Tundra With Shell front view

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Saying Goodbye to my 13 year old Toyota T100 (2)My new Tundra with the Century Shell

Danielle 2009 BirthdayDodgers Baseball game against Oakland Athletics

Pictures (from left to right): (1) My Daughter Danielle’s 2009 13th Birthday (2)Timothy & Danielle at Dodgers Baseball game (vs. Oakland A’s) on June 18, 2009;

Timothy, boat at Lake Selmac, Holy RoversTimothy 5th grade graduation from Parkside Elementary

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Timothy and friend ready to go fishing on Holy Rovers Camping trip to Lake Selmac, Oregon; (2) Timothy’s 5th grade graduation from Parkside Elementary with Danielle.

Vacation Video 2009 (made by my son Timothy):

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