Picture Scans 2

Scanned Pictures from 1997 to 2002:
*Lassen Volcanic National Park
*Timothy’s Hospital Stay
*Mill Creek Falls, Hope Valley
*Tuolume Meadows
*San Elijo State Beach

Please click on pictures to enlarge.

Family, November 2000Mom and Dad on 50th wedding aniversary

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Our Family, November 2000; Carl, Jodie, Danielle [4 years old], Timothy [2 years old], Michelle [7 years old] (2)Carls’ Mom and Dad on their 50th Wedding Anniversary at Donna’s house August 2002

Kids, Michelle, Danielle, Timothy Lunch 2000Nana, Jodie's Mom with Timothy, 2000

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Kids; Michelle, Danielle, Timothy Lunch, sometime in 2000 (2)”Nana, Jodie’s Mom with Timothy, sometime in 2000

Trail, San Elijo State BeachCamping, San Elijo

Pictures (from left to right): (1)On the trail to the beach at San Elijo State Beach, California (near San Diego) 1998. (2)Campground at San Elijo State Beach, California

Camping at Heart Bar, Big BearTimothy, sick, Meningitis

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Camping at Heart Bar in the San Bernadino National Forest near Big Bear California, November 1997. We were joined on this trip by Doug and Leanne Rodd and family as well as my Brother Bruce (2)My son Timothy with the first of many Hospitalizations, this one for Meningitis, June 1998.

Prepping Timothy for SurgeryTravel Town, Los Angeles

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Prepping Timothy for his first surgery (there would be more), July 1998 (2)Kids at Travel Town in Los Angeles 2000; Timothy, Danielle, Michelle

Lassen Peak Trailhead, August 1998Hope Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Trailhead for Lassen Peak August 1998; the parking lot still had a lot of snow from a heavy winter snow pack and Carl and Michelle went sledding on the snow. (2)Danielle and Michelle on a rock at Hope Valley Campground in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA, August 1998

Mill Creek Campground, Warner MountainsMill Creek Waterfall

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Mill Creek Campground in the Warner Mountains of Northeast California (near the town of Likely), August 1998 (2)Mill Creek Falls, a relatively easy hike from the campground (about one mile).

Tuolume Meadows, Yosemite National ParkMichelle, Danielle, Mill Creek Falls

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Michelle and Danielle in Tuolume Meadows, August 1998 (2)Michelle and Danielle at Mill Creek Falls, Aug. 1998

Fish Lake Utah, early fall snow stormYosemite, spring snow storm

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Campground near Fish Lake Utah, early October 2002 (shortly before we had to move to Oregon) (2)Early spring snowstorm (blizzard) in Yosemite Valley, March 1999

Bridaveil Falls, YosemiteFamily, Yellowstone, August 2000

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Hiking to Bridaveil Falls with Michelle and Danielle, March 1999 (2)Family in Yellowstone; Jodie, Carl, Danielle, Timothy (Michelle took the picture)

Middleton Family Picture, Christmas 1995Fish Lake Utah 2000, Michelle, Danielle, Timothy

Pictures (from left to right): (1) Middleton Family Picture, Christmas 1995 (2) Fish Lake Utah 2000; Michelle, Danielle, Timothy

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