Aquarium, Pond Pictures

Aquarium & Pond Pictures:
*From some of my old service clients in Los Angeles before having to leave for Oregon such as Coaster Co. of America
*Local (Grants Pass) Aquariums I cleaned/Set up
*Local (Grants Pass area) Ponds I Set Up
*Personal Aquariums

Please click on pictures to enlarge.

Marble Sunset Blushing Angel FishBolivian Ram, Crown Cichlid

Pictures (from left to right): (1)My Marble Sunset Blushing Angel (2) My Bolivian Ram (Crown Cichlid)

Sunset Dwarf Gourami, Phantom TetraMarch 09 picture of Marble Sunset Blushing Angel

Pictures (from left to right): (1)My Phantom Tetra and Sunset Dwarf Gourami (2)March 2009 picture of my Angel Fish: “Hollingsworth”

80 Gallon Discus Aquarium65 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

Pictures (from left to right): (1) 80 gallon Discus Aquarium at Coaster Furniture Importers (2)65 gallon in the VP office at Coaster (my brother in law now runs this business)

45 gallon Mirror aquarium200 gallon marine fish tank

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Custom 45 Gallon Mirror goldfish aquarium at Coaster (2)200 gallon marine fish tank at Coaster

14 gallon Bio CubeCustom Pond 1, Grants Pass

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Personal 14 gallon Bio Cube from April 2008 (2)Custom Pond I recently built in Grants Pass

Custom Pond 2, Grants Pass, MerlinGold Gourami

Pictures (from left to right): (2)Another Custom Pond I recently built in Merlin (Grants Pass area) (2)Gold Gourami (personal fish that has since passed away)

Choices Counseling FreshwaterChoices Counseling Center, saltwater aquarium

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Freshwater Aquarium I cleaned up at Choices Counseling Center in Grants Pass, Oregon (2)Saltwater Aquarium I also recently got running a looking better than I found it (needs fish though) at Choices Counseling Center.

200 gallon African Cichlid Aquarium

Pictures (from left to right): (1)8 foot long, 200 Gallon African Cichlid Aquarium at Coaster Co. (one of my largest clients) that I USED to service when in Los Angeles (Gregg, now runs this business) (2) A customer’s Turtle Pond.

Blue Turquoise DiscusEmperor Angel, adult

Pictures (from left to right): (1)Discus at a friend/importer that also breeds Discus (2)Emperor Angel at another importer/wholesaler next to LAX

VivariumDiscus, Kokaho Aquarium

Pictures (from left to right): (1)A Vivarium Aquarium (live plants/fish grown in dual environment) also at a Wholesaler next to Los Angeles Airport (2)More Discus at Importer and Breeder of Discus (Kokaho Aquarium)

Aquarium with LED lightsLong Fin Swordtail, Bolivian Ram

Pictures (from left to right): (1)New LED Lighting System being demonstrated at Quality Marine Imports (2) Bolivian Ram and Long Fin Swordtail Fish in 14 gallon Bio Cube.

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